what kinda crazy ass satan spawn are you thinking of



Hey! I’m looking for Free Digital Art Programs!

I teach 11-13 year old kids comics and illustration and some have been asking about doing digital art on their own. If you have suggestions for free or cheap programs to digital art on, please let me know!

So far, my list includes:

firealpaca (completely free, a light version of photoshop drawing essentially)

ArtRage (free, sometimes buggy, very limited on its own)

Corel painter (free trials available)

PainterTool SAI (for Windows only, not available for free legally)

Photoshop (expensive) (but nice)

Also, for tablets, I’ve been recommending monoprice because I love mine, it works great, and it’s cheap. Plus, the pens only being 10$ to replace is great for a younger age.

So, if you have any recommendations for software, tablets, or tutorials specifically for the programs for digital painting, drawing, and/or comics, (especially tutorials for firealpaca!), could you please share them?


[TW: harassment, threats, stalking, violence, slurs, racism]

So, someone decided to post this submission with a link to medievalpoc to a subreddit called “Tumblr In Action” this morning.

I’ve posted about this before.

Let’s stop pretending we have no idea where this comes from:




And can we stop pretending as if these supposed “rules” actually mean anything, or are ever actually enforced:


Medievalpoc has received tens of thousands of hits from this particular subreddit from more than 60 separate threads, some of which have hundreds of derogatory comments, using slurs, threats, and racist ‘jokes’.


And it is somehow a “coincidence” that I have had to speak to police four times and make official reports due to threats, stalking, harassment, and other nastiness? That people have followed me around in person without my knowledge or consent because of this? People have circumvented the “ignore” function by creating accounts just to send racial slurs and threats.

The rest of this is going under a cut, because it is truly horrific. Please proceed with caution.

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As @dead-end-street and argentknights pointed out, it really should be world!

Now there’s a print! Available here. (minus the watermark)

voyeurhour replied to your post: “Man everyone’s complaining about the age of the kids at dashcon. It…”:
eh a lot of young kids come to other cons, esp anime cons, so it didn’t seem any different to me. i saw almost no creepy men tho
hallopino replied to your post: “Man everyone’s complaining about the age of the kids at dashcon. It…”:
That was my guess going into the show. Girls 16-24. I’m surprised to see any boys.

Yeah, it was super expected— the age for most cons, and the girls for tumblr. I know almost half of tumblr users are male but I feel like they use it less, are not into the social/fandom aspect, or don’t want to admit they’re into it. The lack of creepy men though was amazing and wonderful. I hear there were a few elsewhere but I didn’t see a single person getting harassed or even bothered in the dealer’s hall. Which was fantastic.

Man everyone’s complaining about the age of the kids at dashcon. It didn’t even register that everyone was young to me.  But then, I work with 12 year olds all day~



A Harry Potter AU where everything’s exactly the same, except the house elves look like Lord of the Rings elves and Dobby’s, like, played by Orlando Bloom. But they’re still not allowed to have clothes

orlando bloom hitting himself in the face with a lamp



The Kaidanovskys! This is a fan poster that’s part of my Pacific Rim PPDC propaganda set I’m working on. Keep an eye out for more and you can buy this one here.

There is an initial shipping cost, but all additional posters for that order have free shipping.

I bought this print at Dashcon and was super excited! It’s amazing!

Thanks! I’m glad you liked it. :D